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Amatic Casino

Amatic Casino is the source which will help you to get to know one of the famous online games provider – Amatic Industries Gmbh. We will take you through the Amatic History of the formation of this well-known brand, you find the descriptions of all Popular Online Games and other Amatic slots, we will help you to choose the best online Amatic  and you find much more exciting and interesting aspects of the online gaming world. Amatic Casino was launched with one purpose is to inform the players that, admired by many people, land-based Amatic machines now available online. Moreover, the players are provided with a wide range of the online casinos, where they will definitely enjoy playing the popular online games. And it is not all, once the player has selected the online casino, he is eligible for the welcome bonus, providing on the conditions of the chosen casino.

Amatic Casino


Amatic Industries is an Austrian producer and distributor of the various gaming technologies. Amatic History is full of noteworthy events and ideas, including a production of the casino slots machines with the “Multi-Game” function, a development of the famous Roulette Grand Jeu and also a distribution of the popular online games. The company took its start from the design and production of the slots machines. Amatic business grew significantly in 20 years of its existence. The company became a leader in the production of the land-based slots and never stopped with the development and exploration of the new areas in the gaming market. Recently, Amatic Casino has started a new line of the business, providing their popular games online.

The developers and designers mainly focused on the satisfaction of the public’s demands, trying to meet the expectations of different type of the players. Moreover, new developed technologies give the players an opportunity to enjoy playing wherever they wish within a laptop, tablet or mobile.

Game Assortment

Nowadays, web world offers a huge variety of the online casinos and the player often just feels lost, stuck and not knowing how to select the suitable one for his needs. Amatic Casino comes to assist the player in getting familiar with the popular online games, describing the rules of the games and reviewing all features of the particular slot. The knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the online game helps the player to select the one, where he believes he will be the luckiest to win a great prize. Furthermore, Amatic Casino offers you a list of all online casinos, using Amatic software. All online casinos have the same popular online games, but each casino used a different design and a presentation of the games.

Also the casinos have different features in the bonus system and the various treatments for the players, all of it can be found within Amatic Casino. By reviewing the illustration and interpretation of provided casinos, the player decides where he feels more comfortable to play, based his choice on the casino’s language, the currency, the bonus promotions and other characteristics. Amatic Casino offers you a list with the most popular and certified online casinos in Europe.

The carefully chosen online casinos have the best selection of the payment methods. Thereby, the players always find the most suitable way for them to deposit or withdrawal the winnings. Provided customer support takes care of the players in regards of any kind of questions or doubts. Also all online casinos offer various types of bonuses, giving to the players more chances to win big prizes. Everything is set up for the players, just sit down and enjoy playing. Amatic Industries has an enormous amount of designed and launched games on the land-based video slotmachines.

The management decided to select the most popular games and launch them online. The games are presented by three main categories: slots, table games and video poker. The online slots were created on the basis of the classic version, i.e. fruits and sevens. This group is called “Hot & Wild”. The name is spoken for itself, there is a wild symbol, which helps to get a “hot” outcome. There are 15 online games within this group, which are based on the similar engine, but all of them have absolutely different features, targeting on the big winnings. Another group of the Amatic slots is the themed games. The designers used their best imaginations and skills to create absolutely various playing environments.

Unique graphic and sound techniques allow the player to disconnect from the outside world within the popular online game, exploring new worlds. It can be rather an underwater world, or a world full of magic, witches and wizards, or fairy-tale world from the childhood. The rules are very simple, and it makes easy to control your winnings in the game. Every online casino has table games, and Amatic Online is not an exception. It offers to the players the most popular table games, Roulette Royal and Black Jack. These games are provided with some great features, increasing the luck of the players. Amatic is also popular with its video poker games, including both the classic versions with the standard rules and the original versions with the additional cards and wild symbols.

Amatic Online

Amatic has created all online games with the great option, all of them can be played on any mobile devices without any exceptions. With this function, the player is able to enjoy his favourite games anywhere because he can use his mobile or a tablet to keep on playing the popular slots. Mobile Casino is the most pleasant function the player ever could think of. You can find more details about this function within Amatic  online.

Amatic is the players’ assistant in the enormous online gaming world. On the website you get to know Amatic History, which will help you to understand how they reach this great success, you become familiar with the Amatic popular online games, you will be able to review and select the most suitable online casino for you. All online casinos, presented in Amatic, have been analysed and reviewed by us personally, therefore we include only confirmed and proved information for the players.

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