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Bells of fire Slot Game

Bells of fire

Bells on fireBells of fire is a great slot game designed by Amatic and has been found to be very popular among players who visit their Amatic Casino, it is centered around a five reel slot game that gives you a fantastic forty pay lines. with this amount of pay lines it gives you plenty of opportunities to find yourself with the chance of having consistent wins. Bells on fire gives you multiple symbols of which if these spin in adjacent to each other you will find yourself a win. With bells of fire you have forty different combinations that are available to give yourself a winning line. The symbols in this game are made up of fruit symbols such as lemons, grapes and oranges, along with these symbols you will find a lucky seven symbol, a scatter symbol and of course the bells on fire symbols. The symbol of the bells on fire is your wild symbol, if you spin these symbols in against your fruit symbols or your lucky seven symbols then the bells on fire symbol which are wilds will substitute themselves for which ever symbols you have on the pay line. If you find yourself with a few of these wild symbols across the reels and you could find yourself winning some great money, you will see that a lot of the games available at Amatic Casinos Bells of fire do have the potential to give out some really good wins. This game Bells on Fire is your typical classic online slot game it reminds you of the slot games that you would play in the arcades at the seaside. The layout of this game is clear and the icon buttons are clearly marked so that you know exactly what you are pressing, the buttons are there to help guide you with the game play. You have a bet button this will show you how much stake per line you are placing, this can be increased or decreased at your discretion. You have an auto play button this can be used if you would like the game to play for you while you have yourself a break, this will mean your game play does not need to stop, and just cancel auto play when you are ready to play manually again.You have a gamble button this can be used after each winning spin and gives you the option to double your win.There is an information button this will show you how much each symbol pays and how many you need and where they need to be to have yourself a win.If you would like to be in play without the sound effects there is a mute option and lastly the all important play button. Bells on Fire is a great game for you if you are a big fan of the classic slots and if you enjoy playing at the Amatic Casinos because they do have a great trange of slots in this style. The other online games that are similar to Bells on fire are slots such as Hot Star and Hot Seven, both of these will give you the easy non stop play that the classic slot games have to offer. Bells on Fire is a quick spinning fun game and has potential to give you some great wins. All credit to Amatic Industries for designing thrilling and entertaining online slot game that really takes you back to remembering the enjoyment you had whilst playing the classic fruit slots back in the offline arcades. so what are you waiting for go have yourself some fun on Bells on Fire and remind yourself why the simplest of slot games give you just as much entertainment and value as the more elaborate ones, have fun and good luck.

Bonus Features – Bells On Fire

Although Bells on Fire does not have a bonus feature this does not mean that your game play is any less exciting, there are actually a few games you will find when playing at an Amatic Casino that do not hold a bonus feature. If you are a player that enjoys the simple online slot games without the constant breaks in play while you enter bonus features, then Bells on fire is a great game for you.It is a fast playing game as you are just consistently spinning your reels without any added features to slow you down, meaning your wins come along a lot more frequent and quicker. Although you have no bonus feature in this game you still have the bells on fire symbols which if are your wild cards giving you extra chances of wins and also the scatter symbols , three of these scatters together on any of the pay lines gives you an instant win. But remember the highest paying symbol is the lucky seven if you find yourself with reels full of these then you will give yourself a fantastic win and your bank balance could look very healthy indeed. So even though Bells on Fire is a online slot game that does not have the option of a bonus feature, this game will still give you an exciting and entertaining game play and you will still find yourself with fantastic wins in this game so you really wont be disappointed with this game. Always remember that even the most simple of online slot games are just as attainable as the more intricate online slot games of achieving a jackpot win. So give Bells on Fire a go choose your stake, always remember the higher the stake the higher the win will be, and see if you are the one that is walking away from bells of fire with a very pleasing jackpot win.

Quality of the Game – Bells on fire

Bells on Fire is classic fruit slot online game ,Amatic Industries with their great design team have given you this great game and made sure that the quality of the game is of the highest standard as they do with all their online slot games that you will find at the Amatic Casinos. Bells of Fire symbols are designed with the most stunning colors, the game is of quick play and plays extremely smoothly making your game play enjoyable every time. There is fantastic sound quality with this game and with all the options of winning lines,this game will give you hours of entertaining game play and very high potential for some amazing wins. so even though Bells on Fire is one of your more simple online slot games it still gives you everything that a player enjoys whilst playing online. When you next play at an Amatic Casino make sure you try out the Bells On Fire slot for some really exciting fun Bells of fire.

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