30 Nov

Deuces Wild Slot Game

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild Deuces Wild is a game of video poker that you can play when visiting your Amatic Casino, you will love the style of this game and it will show players a brilliant online experience. The game of Poker is well known, and is probably the most played card game in the world, there are many different varieties that you can choose from with the game of poker. It is quite a tough game to play with a lot of concentration that is needed, that is of course if you are playing a sit down game of poker but we are talking about Deuces Wild and this game is not really about skill it is just enjoyable and a great way to win some money. The great part about playing the Deuces Wild game of video poker is that the Amatic Software does all of the hard work for you, they will hold the best cards in place so that you get the best win and all wins will be paid instantly. The game of Deuces Wild is quite simple, you will be dealt 5 cards, but in the deck will be wild cards, sometimes when you play a game of poker that involves a wild it would usually be a joker like we see in the game Joker Card, but in this game you will usually see the wild on one of the regular cards. This way you will get a better chance at creating a winning line, the wild cards will substitute for all other cards in the game so that you can get the best hand. They will automatically substitute for the best hand possible and you do not need to select this yourself, as mentioned before the software will do this for you. You will find in the game of Deuces Wild that the payouts will be the same as in many other games of poker, you will have your highest paying hand be a royal flush. You will also see that there are other recognized hands in the game, such as three of a kind, flush, full house and four deuces. This is always available to see as in the game you will have the pay table always in view at the top of your screen, this way you will be able to see what hand will pay how much. This does make it much more attractive to play because you are always able to see the huge amounts that can be won, I don’t think it is strange to hear that many poker players have made their fortune by playing the game, so you never know what you could win when playing Deuces Wild at your Amatic Casino.

Bonus Features

So there will only be the one bonus feature in the game of Deuces Wild, and it is very easy to guess what this will be. Of course it is the wild symbol, so this comes in with the hand that has been dealt to help you get the best possible hand. This is definitely what you want to see when you are playing a game of video poker in your Amatic Casino, the game itself is quite fun but when you throw in something like a wild symbol it creates a more fun game and gives you more chances to grab that win you are looking for. For those who have maybe tried out some of the online slot games you will be well aware of what the wild symbol does, appearing in the reels to act as a substitute for all other symbols in the reels. This is the exact same when you play the game of Deuces Wild, yes it is not a slot machine with spinning reels but it all works in the exact same way when it comes to playing with wilds. When a hand is dealt you could have a few wild cards in there, so when these do appear you will see the words wild written on them so you know which are playing as wilds. Having something extra in a card game is always quite fun, it means that you get a bit of a better advantage against the casino because you have more ways of making up your hand.

The Quality Of Deuces Wild

The Deuces Wild game has a pretty basic look to it, as in all table games that are available when you are at an Amatic Casino it will be played on a green background, all table games have the green table so this will give of the real casino effect when you play. You are always looking for great quality when you play an online game, this will ensure that you are always satisfied when you play because you get a better feeling from it. So the basic layout is on the green background and then the top of the screen will read the pay table, this way you can always check what you need before you make a decision on your next move. You will be dealt the cards in the Amatic game are quite large and basically fill the bottom of the screen so that you always get full effect. You do have the option to gamble your win when you play, this will take you to another card game and it is not a necessity that you play this but the gamble button is always in view if you wish to do so. Deuces Wild has a very crisp, clean look to it, everything has been put in perfectly so that you always get a straight through game with the best results. Poker is a well played game and this is a great version to enjoy that holds some great quality to it, so have plenty of fun and get the great hand that will boost your account balance up by fair amounts. There are always large stakes to be won in any game of video poker that you play, and the same can be said about Deuces Wild a fun new way of playing that gives you a more exciting time than you would normally find.

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