30 Nov

Fruit Poker Video Poker

Fruit Poker

Fruit PokerFruit Poker is one of your regular games of video poker with a few minor differences, you will find this game available with many others at your Amatic Casino. The differences are is in the way that the game is played but in the basic outlook of the game and the style of the cards that you are playing with. In a regular game of Fruit Poker your aim is to get a winning hand, and in good circumstances you will get the best winning hand equalling the biggest win i the game. We will all aim for the biggest win, while there are the few that come online for the enjoyment i think it is safe to say that most of us come to an online casino for the thrills of the big wins, this is what you can find in the game of Fruit Poker. Poker is a game that is played in almost every country, the best part about playing the game online is that you will find many more varieties that are easier to handle such as Jacks Or Better and Multiwin. These types of poker games that we see are a lot different, while the big wins can still be caught you will find that they are a lot less intense than you would find in your online poker room. There is no need for bluffing it s just you playing the video poker so you are playing yourself and just hoping for the win. So when it comes to playing the Fruit Poker game you will find that it is pretty simple, you are looking for your winning hand. The game is played with a shuffled deck of 139 cards, you will see these in the top right hand corner of the game, you will be dealt 5 cards and when your hand is over you will see that the cards are going down. If you were to get a winning hand then the deck will be re shuffled and you will be reinstated with the 139 cards you started with. So you are looking for your basic hands, which is to match three or more of the same card, this will result in a win. You will also see that there is a joker card in the game, there is only one of these played each time the deck is shuffled so when that comes in you want to how it creates a good hand as it will not appear again until those cards have been re shuffled.

Bonus Features

When it comes to table games at Amatic Casinos it is not very common that you will find a bonus feature in there, that is because they are quite straight through games unlike slots. So you are usually just playing for your hand and that is all, with some maybe offering the joker card as a wild. However in the game of Fruit Poker you will find that there is a great bonus round available, this makes the game so much more popular with players as it is giving you more chances to win better money. So you will have the bonus lamp, this is actually quite fun and will win you a lump sum. So you will see the bonus lamps at the top left of your screen, each lamp will hold one of the fruit symbols that you see in the cards you play with, you will then see the bonus funds beneath it, however much is in the bonus pot will all depend on the stake you have chosen to play with. So whenever you get a 5 of a kind win with the fruit symbols you will light its bonus lamp, once all of the bonus lamps are lit up you will then win whatever is in the bonus lamp. So as you can see just like the game itself the bonus is pretty simple and straightforward but still exciting to see. You will also have the cherry bonus in the game of Fruit Poker, this is a great bonus to have as you could find yourself winning a lot. No although you will not find a payout when you have two fruit symbols showing in your hand, if you were to get two cherry symbols you will have credit added to the bonus. This is great as whenever you get the two cherry symbols more will be added to the bonus, so it will always be increasing and you will get to watch it grow and hope that you win that cherry bonus fund, when you play the Fruit Poker game at your Amatic Casino you will be sure to find some great fun and when your luck is in some great wins.

The Quality Of Fruit Poker

Fruit Poker has quite a fun look to it, when you watch it play out you will see the resemblance with this game and some of the classic slot games that you may ogf played. So with the Fruit Poker you will see that in the deck of cards rather than seeing the usual suits of cards the symbols will be of fruit and you will also see the bell symbol in there and the bar symbol. As in all games that you will find when playing at an Amatic Casino some suits will pay a lot higher than others, with the bar symbols paying at the highest and the cherries paying at the lowest. But either way a win is a win and that is what we all look forward to when we play at an online casino. The quality of this video poker is great, you get a really fun feeling and the way that Amatic Industries have in a way combined a poker game with a card game is really fun. You get the same types of symbols and you will find bonuses in there, all of this makes it much more entertaining and a lot more exciting to play. There are many different versions of the poker games that are in online casinos, some have big differences and some are quite similar, it is easy to say the the Fruit Poker game is fun and full of great prizes for the players, you will find a very satisfying game with a really great outcome.

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