27 Nov

Hot 27 – Slot Game

HOT 27

hot 27Now we all know how difficult it is to find an online slot game to play, there is such a wide variety that it hard to choose one that you know you are going to enjoy when you go to an Amatic Casino. If it is a no fuss slot game that is going to give you fast play, but with plenty of opportunities to gain yourself some big wins, then hot 27 is definitely the game for you. We all remember the slot machines that you would play in the arcades, or the slot machines that you would find sat in the corner of the bingo hall or in the working men’s clubs. The good old fashioned no nonsense slot machine, which you would stand and play on for hours , they were fast and easy and you still got excited when you saw the symbols roll in and give you a win. Well Amatic Industries who are big software providers to the gaming industry, have designed Hot 27 in a way that will take you back in time to the good old days of slot machines. But with the ever changing times, and players looking for bigger wins they have added features to the game to provide players with this, but still keeping the look and simplicity of the game just like slot machines used to be. Hot 27 is played over three reels with each reel having three symbols in play, so that is nine symbols on the reels, this makes it so easy to see a winning line . Just like the old fashioned slot machines hot 27 requires you to get three symbols in line although it as possible to achieve this with a symbol at the top of the middle reel and two symbols at the bottom on reel one and three. with there only being nine symbols in play you will find that the wins will roll in at regular intervals. In this game there is no individual line bet, you will place your stake on the individual reel spin. You can keep your stake the same throughout your game play or you can change this after each spin it is possible to have your stake for a little as one pence a spin but I would recommend you play at a higher stake to gain yourself the big wins. You can place your bet anywhere between one pence a spin and ten pounds a spin but this is the players individual preference. Amatic Industries who designed the software for hot 27 have many great online slot games that you will find available at Amatic Casinos if you are looking for more simple classic slot games then you should try their games Wild Diamond and Wild Seven both these games are going to give you the same fun and thrills that Hot 27 brings. If you go to the top of the screen on hot 27 you will find a symbol of a flag, click on this and all the information explaining the game are here. And there is a fun feature button in this game and that is the auto start button, you can use this to give yourself and of course you finger a break from manually spinning the reels. Just press auto start and the game will take over and play the spins for you whilst you are in credit. The great advantage here is it gives you chance to go make yourself a quick sandwich and a cup of tea , and whilst doing so you can still watch your game in play.So remember you can use this feature at any point in the game and then just resume manual play again once you have returned with your lunch, and this option will be available at any game you visit at your Amatic Casino.

Bonus features

You certainly didn’t get bonus features in the good old fashioned slot machines , so the fact that Hot 27 does not have a bonus feature as such will certainly not prevent you from having a really fantastic time playing on this slot game. The big difference these days is the software for online slot games is so much more detailed and advanced Amatic have still made this game to have the look of the classic slot, but the wins that are possible on Hot 27 you would not of been able to achieve these wins on a slot machine years ago, this is what makes visiting an Amatic Casino so exciting. But there is an added symbol in hot 27 this is the star symbol, this is your wild symbol which can help gain a win because a wild symbol will substitute itself for any symbol in Hot 27. The symbols in hot 27 will remind you of the good old slot machines ,you have symbols such as the bells the two bar symbol and the three bar symbol. Along with the good old symbols the cherries, lemons and plums . If you find yourself with nine symbols together on the reels this is achievable because with the wild in play as well and it substitutes itself as any of the symbols ,if you do find yourself with this winning combination the win will be multiplied by two . There are plenty of great wins to be had on Hot 27 and it gives its players the most fun whilst playing this online slot.

The Quality of the Game

well there really is nothing that Hot 27 has not got to give you a great gaming experience, it is a fun fast and brilliant. It reminds you of how the good old fashioned slots used to be ,the difference with Hot 27 is the fantastic wins that it can give you. Amatic have the graphics in this game so realistic to the old classic slot symbols ,but with so much more vibrancy and detailing. remember when slot the old offline slot machines you to get a sticky reel that struggled to spin in, or wouldn’t stop spinning for a good couple of minutes and how frustrating this used to be . well you wont find that with Hot 27 , you will just get fast spins, great excitement , big wins and fantastic background sound effects. So a game full of everything to give the player the best time to be had whilst playing at your Amatic Casino.

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