28 Nov

Hot Seven Slot Game

Hot Seven

hot sevenHot Seven is an online slot game who’s software was created by the fantastic Amatic Industries. This company is one of the leading providers of online gaming software and the Amatic Casinos are really fun to play at. Their online games are really popular with players, this is because Amatic take time to find out what players are looking for in their online gaming, and aim to provide this for all its players. Wild Diamond is a game that is played over five reels and gives the player five pay lines. all wins are achieved from left to right on the reels. Hot Seven is a very simple online slot game ,there are no bonus rounds or time consuming bonus features. this is a very fast playing game, just spin the reels and watch for the identical symbols falling on the pay lines. it is a non fussy easy to understand and quick spinning game so wins will come at a fast pace. You need to find yourself with three of the same symbol on a pay line to give yourself a win these symbols are centered around fruits. The symbols are, cherries which is the lowest paying symbol then there are oranges, lemons and plums and the highest of the fruit symbols are the melons and grapes. You will also see a number 7 symbol, this is the highest paying symbol of them all and if you happen to find yourself with five of these across the reels then you will be very happy, because this is going to give you a very big win indeed. And last but not least there is the scatter symbol this is a star you will find scatters in many of the slots you visit at an Amatic Casino, find tree or more of these on the reels at the same time and you get yourself an instant win, and unlike with the other symbols the scatters can gain you a win if they land anywhere on the reels. with Hot Seven you can set your bet per line between two pence and two pound a line but all five lines will be in play. the screen gives you very clear instructions how to play, from how much stake you are putting on to, how much your winnings are and how much credit you have left. You will also find an information symbol this guides you through what each symbol will payout so this is worth looking at before you play the game to give yourself the knowledge of the symbols and what each symbol is going to pay. You will also be able by changing your stake to a higher amount and then looking at the information again, find out what the payouts with the higher stake are and there is a considerable difference. Hot Seven is going to keep you entertained whilst playing because it is such a quick playing game, so you are consistently spinning the reels and seeing the wins appear a lot quicker than you would on the more complex online slot games. Do not be fooled by the fact that this is such a simple and basic game, Hot 7 is just as capable of giving its players an amazing win as all the other online slot games. Amatic Industries a great selection of on line games for you to play, they all vary in what they have to offer. If you like to play traditional casino games then you should give their online table games ago try your luck on Amatics Roulette Royal, or if you prefer a game of poker then Amatics fruit Poker is a really fun one to play.

Bonus Features

With Hot Seven the bonus feature in this game is the scatter symbol, these scatters can fall anywhere across the reels, but you must have a minimum of three to find yourself with that bonus win. the more you have staked on a line in play the bigger the scatters will pay for example if you are betting fifty pence per line the scatters will pay you for three scatters five pound, it you have four scatters it will pay you twenty five pounds but if you are really lucky and find yourself with five scatters across the reels then you will win one hundred and twenty five pounds. So great wins to be had with this bonus symbol, if you have placed a bet of two pound per line which is the maximum bet per line ,you will get for three scatters twenty pounds, for four scatters it pays one hundred pounds and if luck really is on your side and you spin in five scatters across the reels ,then you will get an instant win of five hundred pounds. This is not bad going for a two pound spin. Another feature that you have in Hot Seven is the gamble button, you can use this after each winning spin. What this gamble button does is give you the chance to double your win. you will be presented with a single playing card face down, the gamble you are taking is whether on the turn of that single playing card it will show itself in a black suit or a red suit. This gamble option is a great way of boosting your winnings even more if you are prepared to take a risk.

Quality of the Game

The great thing about the really well designed graphics in this game Hot Seven when you visit an Amatic Casino you always get something good and the Hot Seven slot does just as its title says its symbols are hot. when you spin in a winning line the symbols will then these winning symbols will burst into flame, it gives this game an added fun element and shows how important to Amatics Industries great design team it is to provide really detailed ,fun and exciting software for its online games. Hot Seven is full of amazing colors within all its symbols and they have fabulous sound effects in the game to just add the entertainment value when you have found yourself with a win. The whole quality of Hot Seven is fantastic and will give its players a really satisfying game play.

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