27 Nov

Hot star Slot Game

Hot star

hot starHot star is an online slot game that gives you plenty of opportunities to find yourself winning fabulous amounts of money when visiting your Amatic Casino. This game is full of exciting features that will get your excitement levels to the highest degree. Hot star is the online slot game that keeps you consistently interested in the game. You will find this game is thrilling and great fun to play. In order for you to find yourself with a win , you need to find yourself with three matching symbols alongside each other on the reels . you will find that these wins can be accomplished quite frequently . hot star will offer you ten lines in the game, these are known as the pay lines, there are certain arrangements along these pay lines that your symbols must achieve in order to find that win. but with ten pay lines in play this is not as difficult to obtain as you would think, especially as you have five reels in play. When you play this game you will see that you are presented with a series of buttons which are to guide you through your game play. You will find that these are really clearly marked so you will be able to easily work out what each button is for. With Hot Star you are given a wide range of options as to how much money you would like to place on the pay lines. These range from the amount of one pence per line , which with there being ten lines would cost you ten pence, you may not find yourself winning life changing money on this stake but you can still find yourself with some great wins. You can bet as much as one pound per line so you could imagine what amazing wins could be achieved if you could afford to play at this amount. But there is an option here for every budget so don’t worry and you can always win big no matter what your stake is. Hot Star is played with symbols that are of different fruit varieties, these symbols include cherries, grapes, limes and melons. The cherries are the lowest paying symbol of the fruits and the highest is the melon, find yourself with three of any of the symbols together on a pay line and you have won. There is also a symbol which is not of the fruit variety, this is the number seven inside a blue circle this is the symbol that has the highest value of them all, so find yourself with five of these together on a paying line and you have yourself a great win. But the icing in this game is the bonus symbol and that is the hot star symbol, find this in your reel spin and get excited because this symbol is the one that can provide you with an unbelievable win. Amatic Industries are the software designers that bring you this fantastic online slot game. They are very popular in the gaming industry for all of their gaming software and the Amatic Casinos are so great and fun to play at. Amatic are the company that provides the software for Royal Unicorn and wild stars, two fantastic online slot games that are really popular with online players. So you know that Hot Star is going to deliver a game full of entertaining and exciting game play.

Bonus Features

The bonus feature in this game is the symbol of Hot star itself, once you have managed to spin this symbol in on one of the reels you can get excited as this could potentially create a fantastic win for the player. The difference with this hot star symbol is it will also turn any symbol that it lands next to on the reels into a wild symbol. the great thing about this bonus feature is the wild star symbol could land in reel two in the middle of the reel, this will turn all of the symbols that are next to it into wild symbols. If this happens this means that an amazing amount of eight symbols will turn into wild symbols, now with that happening you really would find yourself on the edge of your seat in anticipation as this could possible give you a win of a jackpot amount . You really will find that you are unable to stop yourself from getting totally engrossed in this game, it is a game that will give all its online players the most tense but also most exhilarating game play. Amatic industries really excel themselves when it comes to providing amazing gaming software and with the bonus feature in this game they really do make sure that their loyal players are rewarded with the ultimate gaming experience. So what are you waiting for , get yourself playing this game and you will certainly be entertained, excited and find yourself having a fantastic game play experience. all you have to do is choose your bet and get them reels spinning, good luck and I hope the big wins come your way.

The Quality of the Game

There can be no disputing the quality of Hot star, this game provides its players with everything that is first class in an online slot game. Amatic Industries have taken exceptional measures to design the software for this game to be the best. From the dynamic colors that bring the symbols to the center of attention on the screen. the sound effects that generate a feeling of excitement whilst you are playing the game, especially when you have found yourself with the bonus feature. Along with the really amazing win potentials that this game provides, you really have a game that is going to give its players the most a incredible time whilst playing Hot Star. You will find this game provides absolutely everything that is required when you choose an online slot game at an Amatic Casino to play. Amatic Industries are one of the most popular software providers, and this is because their gaming software is of the highest quality and Hot star is a game that will confirm this.

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