30 Nov

Jacks Or Better Slot Game

Jacks Or Better

Jacks Or BetterJacks Or Better is a pretty self explanatory game you will find it at many of the Amatic Casinos and you are sure to have a great time when you play. It is a fun version of poker where you will get a winning hand if you have Jacks Or Better. The game can be pretty exciting and s one of the versions of video poker that is pretty simple to understand and you will get an enjoyable time from it. So you will find that the winning hands are basically the same as you would usually find in your regular game of video poker, you will start with Jacks or Better, then you will work your way up with two pairs, three of a kind, straight and so on until the highest paying hand which will be a royal flush. So if you are a regular player at the poker tables you will already know the basics of how this game will play out, you can adjust your bet at any time during the game and the higher you choose to play the more you will win as in every game that you play at an online casino. There are some really great versions of video poker when you play online such as Deuces Wild and Joker Card, Jacks Or Better fits right in with the poker games at Amatic Casinos and the great part about all of the games is how easy they are to play. You will not have to put much thought into your moves, the Amatic software will deal with holding the best cards in your hand for you so you can basically watch it play out. If you do not agree with the cards that the software has selected then you can change the held cards yourself. The great part is it is just you at the table when you play Amatics Jacks or Better game, this means that you will get a quick game with plenty of thrills. Jacks Or Better starts with you being dealt 5 cards, you will see these face up as soon as you select the bet button, once all cards that you have held have been selected you will then bet again and the unheld cards will be swapped and re dealt to reveal your final hand. If you have a winning hand then you will instantly be paid into your account. The game is fast, fun and has a really exciting feel to it making it much more entertaining for not only the regular poker players but also for those who are just starting out in the game of poker.

Bonus Features

Now you will find it very rare to get a bonus round in a game of video poker, this is because poker is a pretty basic game to play it is straight through bets and straight through wins. This means that you do not really get much opportunities for bonus features in there and it is quite uncommon to do so. However you may find that there is the option to gamble, now while this is not a bonus feature in the game it is still quite fun to do and you really can increase those wins when you do so. The way that this works is that when you win a hand the credits will be shown to you, you will then see a gamble button flash when you select this you will take your winnings to another card game. Here it is just a simple guessing game where you will guess what colour or suit of card will show next, if you are correct you will double your win if you are wrong then unfortunately all winnings will be lost. But if you do happen to win you can choose to take your doubled win or play again to quadruple it, it is all fun and really can give you a lot bigger win when you play at your Amatic Casino.

The Quality Of Jacks Or Better

Amatic Industries Jacks Or Better video poker will show you some great quality graphics you will see that the game has quite a simple layout. Although it is a pretty basic game the look suits its style, you have an easy layout so there is no fuss. This means that you can get straight to playing the game, and the best bit is that your prize board is always straight in front of you so you will know exactly how much you can win from your selected stake. You will have the pay table at the top of the screen and it will fill all of the top, at the bottom you will have your five cards that were dealt and these basically take up the bottom half of the screen so that is all you will see, the pay table and the cards dealt. This is actually a great way to play, you have no distractions on the game you will be able to concentrate fully on your hand and your winnings and that is what we really want to see. The quality is great you will hear the shuffling and dealing of the cards and it has some great effects for the players. Jacks Or Better is an enjoyable game for anyone, whether you are a regular poker player, you are just starting out or you are simply looking for something new to try out. Great style and a fun game you will love all that the Jacks or Better game has in store. If you do happen to be a new player of video poker then you won’t struggle to work it out, you only have a few buttons which are basically to change your stake, start the game and take your win. So it really has a basic look to it and very basic rules and this is what is great about playing at an Amatic Casino, and lets not forget that the software does do most of the hard stuff for you. If you have ever wondered about playing poker but have put yourself off because you think that it will be to hard or you wouldn’t understand it, then try out a game like Jacks Or Better first it will give you the basics of the games and you could get some very good wins along the way.

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