30 Nov

Joker Card Video Poker

Joker Card

Joker CardJoker Card is one of Amatic Industries video poker games, now the difference with this game is that you will find a Joker Card mixed in the deck. Yes the name makes it pretty obvious on what the game is about, so you will really be playing a regular game of video poker but you will have that extra card in there for your advantage. Having a Joker Card is a great way to play as it can help you to create and increase winning hands. You will play with the same rules that you would usually find in video poker, the game will begin with you being dealt 5 cards face up, you will select what you would like your bet amount to be. You can view the pay table at any time as it is always on your screen, so each time that you adjust your bet the pay table will change and you will be able to see which hand will pay what. It is all pretty simple and has a completely different outlook than you would see when you play at a poker table online or in a casino. Poker is a huge game and has to be one of the most popular card games in the world, this is why it is great that you have poker tables and video poker available when playing at an Amatic Casino it gives you the chance to have all of the same fun but online. You would not find video poker in a land based casino, you would only really find the poker tables and the poker rooms when you play in a casino, so it makes them quite unique for Amatic Casino players and is a lot better because it is much easier to play and to understand. Joker Card is just as basic as all of the other video poker games that you will see but just because it is basic does not mean that it is boring. The Joker Card game is full of entertainment especially when you take a look at that pay table and see exactly what could be won, as well as the prize money the game itself can be quite addictive this is because it is played quite fast and that does up the entertainment level. Where as playing at a poker table can take a while and requires a lot of thought, video poker is quite the opposite so you are getting speedy games with quicker wins, and that is really exciting to have in a game. Joker Card has a great feel to it and any player will enjoy all that it offers, the Amatic game will show you thrills and introduce you to the winning hands of a poker game.

Bonus Features

When it comes to the bonus feature in the Joker Card game,you will find that the bonus is of course the Joker Card itself. This card will take on the act of a wild, you may have see this in other video poker games such as Deuces Wild and Fruit Poker. So when you play the Joker Card game you will have your 5 cards dealt this will be your hand, but mixed up in the deck will be the Joker Card, this card will substitute for all other cards this will include the suit so you could get the highest paying hand with that joker card in there. It is not that usual that you will find bonus features in games of poker, that is why video poker is so great you get the chance to play the brilliant game with high odds and you get that advantage of having a wild substitute in there to make the game much easier for you. As well as the Joker Card you will also find that you can gamble a win, now this may not be a bonus feature but it is great to have around. It means that if you get a smaller win you can gamble it to try and make it that bit bigger, the great part about a gamble is that you can play it quite a few times giving you more chances to increase the win. This is what we want to see when we play any type of online game, you come to online casinos to try and win money, and you want big money in your hand this is what the rush is all about so by having these bonuses mixed in you know that you have a much better chance to get those wins you are looking for and makes your visit to your Amatic Casino much more entertaining. We know that it is not a definite guarantee that you will always win when you play online, but it eases your mind a little and makes it more exciting when you know that the chances are that bit higher.

The Quality Of Joker Card

As with many of the video poker games from Amatic Industries you will find that you are offered a high quality gaming experience, this will give you the chance to get a great experience when you play online. You will enjoy the look that the Joker Card game has, with a little animation and great colours it makes a more enjoyable game for any player, no one wants to come to an online casino and be put off by dull effects and a boring game. We always want something with a little edge so that we find the games we have chosen more enjoyable to play, you will get this feeling from the Joker Card game. Showing players a great time with clear statements of what hand has been dealt, the software will automatically hold the best cards for you so this means that you will get a good chance of a winning hand and that there is not much effort that needs to be put in from yourself. Having the software play for you makes the game of poker a lot easier to understand, but when it comes to Joker Card or any other video poker game you will see that they are quite basic and easy to understand anyway.

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