27 Nov

Lucky Bells Slot Game

Lucky Bells

lucky bellsLucky Bells is a great online slot game that will give you great and exciting play. This game is very similar to your slot game you will find in the great British seaside arcades. If you like a game that is of fast play with no fussy features, then you will really enjoy Lucky Bells. The software for this game is designed by Amatic Industries who are very well known in the gaming industry for providing fantastic online gaming software. Among Amatic Industries great online slot games are Wild stars , this slot game will give you plenty of fun whilst playing with plenty of chances in this game to win some great money. Or you could try Amatics fantastic online slot game Wolf moon this is a slightly different to Lucky Bells as it is based around a theme, so once you have played Lucky Bells you should have a go in these other two Amatic slot games, or play one of their many others. Now Lucky Bells is a game that presents you with five spinning reels, with a fantastic twenty pay lines. the great news with this is the more pay lines the more opportunities there is to achieve a combination on a pay line. lucky Bells is a fast playing game giving you continuous spins with no features that will detract from your normal play. this game is fun and exciting to play, with the fact that it is just gives you simple fast spins which means your wins come in quick and regular. Lucky Bells gives you a screen which is made up of different symbols , these symbols are what will give you your wins if they fall adjacent to each other on a winning pay line. the symbols in this game are made up of different varieties of fruits, but there are also other symbols such as the number seven, this is the highest paying symbol in the game.Lucky Bells is laid out in a way that makes it simple for the player to understand what buttons in the game are for what purpose. to the bottom right of your screen you will see the start button this obviously will spin the reels for you, next to this is the bet button you can use this to alter your stake, sometimes if you have increase your credits by a fair amount you may like to increase your stake. Then again if your funds are getting low you can decrease your stake to keep you in game play, so the option is there to fluctuate your stake whenever you like after a spin , this is a great feature as it means that once you have chosen a starting stake to play with you are not committed to this throughout the game. along from this bet button you have your line button, this will give you the option to choose the amount of pay lines you would like to have in play. from the maximum amount of twenty to the simple one line if you choose. you then have a gamble button and then an exit button next to it. At the top of the screen there is an icon of a flag, this click this icon and it gives you an information icon this will give you all you need to know on the paying symbols, how much these symbols pay and how many you need to achieve a win on a pay line. It also tells you what the wining sequences are and also of the bonus symbols and what these will achieve for you. Lucky Bells will give you great game play with the opportunity to win great amounts of money so Lucky Bells really is a game worth playing.

Bonus Features

Lucky Bells may not have a intricate series of bonus features, but this does not effect your excitement and chance of great wins in this game. there are still many combinations of wins that can be achieved in this game making it trilling and great fun. you have the lucky bell symbol which is your wild symbol, now if you happen to spin this symbol with any of the other symbols that which fall together on a pay line the Lucky Bell symbol will increase that win. But the great thing about the wild symbol is it will extend the depth of the reel giving more opportunities to find yourself with another winning line because of this. There is also a scatter symbol which is a star, now you must spin in three of these but they do not have to be adjacent to each other they can be anywhere in the reels and this will give you a bonus win the amount will depend on what your stake is. Then you have the added scatter bonus symbol of the ladybird, with this scatter it will pay with three, four or five of these that land on the reels together from a spin, once again these can be anywhere on the reels. Again the higher your stake the greater the amount that this feature will pay. so this just shows that just because there is no bonus round within this game the potential for extremely high winnings are there.

The Quality Of Lucky Bells

Lucky Bells is designed to give its players the most enjoyable experience whilst playing online. Amatic Industries have ensured that ever detail of this software is of the highest quality that it can produce. Lucky Bells has fantastic colorful graphics that are dynamic and make the game visually pleasing. you have the detailing of the symbols which ensure that the player is engrossed in the game because the symbols are vibrant and are of representative of the image that it can possibly be. Lucky Bells also gives great sound quality throughout game play, with the sound effects adding to the excitement when you find yourself with a win. Lucky Bells really is a game that gives the player the full arrangement of everything that is required, to experience a fantastic time whilst playing this online slot game. So enjoy playing this fantastic quality game from Amatic Industries.

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