30 Nov

Multi Win Video Poker

Multi Win

Multi WinMulti Win is an online video poker game brought to you by Amatic Industries, this is a straight through poker game that has a few twists in store for you the game has proved to be one of the most popular card games at Amatic Casinos. Video poker is quite an interesting game to play, if you are just starting out in the poker world it is a great way for you to start learning the moves and how it pays, and if you are a regular at the poker tables whether you play online or in a real casino it is a more relaxed way of playing, so you can put the stress of the tables behind you and play something that is a little more enjoyable and does not require too much skill. This is what is most enjoyable about the video poker games such as Multi Win, you have a great game that is very relaxing, and you can just enjoy the game rather than worrying about poker face, and about other players sitting at the table with you. You are just playing with the software and you really can have a fun time while doing so, these games are quite fast paced so if you are on a winning streak you will see that your account balance will rise pretty quickly. So Multi Win is pretty straight forward, if you have already played a game of video poker such as Jacks or Better or Joker Card then you will already be familiar with the workings of the game.

So you will be dealt 5 cards, this is your hand and you will base your next decisions on the cards that you have been dealt. The way that you win in the game of Multi Win is by creating a hand, so this can be a high pair, pretty straight forward this will be something like two kings, that will equal in a win and you will be paid. A high pair will be your lowest paying cards, but there are plenty more that you can achieve such as four flush, two pair, straight, flush, three of a kind and this will work right up to your highest paying hand which will be five of a kind. So as you can already see there are multiple ways of winning in this game, if you do get that 5 of a kind win you will be very happy with the outcome, as in all games that can be played online or in a land casino the more that your stake is the higher your win will be and you will always be able to view the table which will alter when you adjust your bet. You will always have 2 deals in the game, your first hand is where you will decide which cards you would like to hold, if any after doing so you will then get your second dal and hope that the cards that have been held will create a winning hand. The best part about all of this is that you have no working out to do, this is all run by the software so they will hold the best cards for you and they will also let you know what you could expect to win in the next deal. When you play at an Amatic Casino you will find that the Multi Win games have made quite a name for themselves, giving you great excitement and making every visit to your Amatic Casino the greatest.

Bonus Features

When it comes to a bonus in the Multi Win game it is one that players will most likely enjoy, it is of course the Joker Card. The joker card will be available in the 52 deck of cards, this means that it could come out in any hand to help you get those wins that you are looking for. The joker card for those who do not already know is a wild card, this means that it will substitute for all other cards in the game. The joker can be found in a couple of the video poker games, this makes the game that bit of extra excitement and entertainment that it needs. If you worry that you are unlucky or you just feel like you want a little added advantage then the joker card will make you very happy. When this card appears it can not only help you to make a winning hand but it can increase it, by this i mean that if you had a 4 of a kind win and the joker card was in there you could have won a 5 of a kind win, this will pay you out in large amounts and that is what makes it so attractive to have a wild card in there. The Multi Win game is already pulling in players at Amatic Casinos with its name, who wouldn’t be interested in a game that offers many ways of winning the cash, but with that one more addition it just creates a really brilliant game that any player will enjoy.

The Quality Of Multi Win

You will find that the quality in the Multi Win video poker game is quite great, it is a classic game with a nice modern twist to it. Even though the graphics are maybe not as extravagant as you would maybe see when playing an online slot game it is still quite attractive and interesting to see. Your cards will be dealt as soon as you have selected your bet and pressed start, you will hear the shuffling and the dealing of the cards, it is little effects like this that keep the players enjoying the game. Although these details seem small they really do help to give you that real experience, we all want to play a game that will keep us a little addicted and keeps us coming back and Amatics Multi Win game really does do this for you. The game is speedy and as mentioned you will find that the software does a lot of the hard work for you, so by having all of this you will get a brilliant game to play. You may find that in some online video poker games they can be quite dull and you will lose interest easily, but the quality in this game just has that certain edge to it so that you want to keep playing.

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