30 Nov

Multiwin Triple Video Poker

Multiwin Triple

Multiwin TripleMultiwin Triple is the sequel to the first video poker game Multi Win and these games have become very popular among the players that visit the Amatic Casinos, you will get more chances to get those craved wins and have a really great time while doing so. There is a reason that poker games are so popular among online casino players, and this is the fact that they can pay out very wealthy amounts of money. This is definitely available in the Multiwin Triple poker game, now as in all games having a higher stake will give you much higher wins but even with a small stake in the Multiwin Triple game could see you getting a pretty decent win if that perfect hand comes in. So the difference between this poker game and the Multiwin poker is that instead of only having one joker card in the deck you will have four, this will increase your chances of getting bigger wins. And as we know with the name Multiwin Triple there are plenty of ways to win when you are playing, the next difference is also in the name. In a game of Multi Win you will have 2 deals, so after having your first hand dealt you will hold the cards you would like and then you would deal again which is your final hand. In the game of Multi Win Triple you will have three hands dealt to you, so once your first 5 cards have been dealt you will hold the cards that you wish too and then you will deal again, here you will be given a second chance to either hold more cards or switch over the cards that you have already held after you have done this you will then get your third and final deal, which will also be your third chance to get you that high win. This game really is quite fascinating and is a great advantage to the players at Amatic Casinos, it is almost giving all of the advantage to the player some of the more skilled poker players will really enjoy a video poker game like this, you are getting multiple opportunities to get that win and for those who maybe don’t fully understand the game of poker you will love having a game that gives you those extra chances. Multi Win Triple is a really fun and exciting poker game that opens many more opportunities to get a win.

Bonus Features

The first bonus in the Multi Win Triple game is of course the three deals, these are giving you many more ways to get that winning hand. In a game of poker it is all about the cards that you hold in your hand so by being given three chances to make it better you are getting a better advantage to win, this is really great for players to have and will make the game much more exciting and more entertaining to play. Now of course you do not need to hold cards or even change them if you are happy with the first lot of cards that you held then you can keep them till the end of the deals, but if you do not hold any cards then you will have five brand new cards dealt to you each time. Even though the software will automatically hold the cards they think are the best you do not have to keep these, so i do not think that because the game has played that way you need to keep it. The next bonus feature in the Multiwin Triple game is the joker cards, jokers are a great skill to have in a game of poker and you will see them in many of the video poker games such as the Joker Card game which already tells you that a joker is involved. The great part about the joker in this game is that you will have four of them in the deck of cards, so this is once again increasing your chance to get a win. The joker will substitute for all other cards that are in the game, so having these fitting in there you will be able to get a win where it should not have been. The fact that there are three deals and four jokers is what makes this video poker game so attractive to the players, you know just by hearing this that you are looking at many ways of grabbing those big wins. Having these will also make it a lot easier to those who are new to playing the video poker games, you will see that there are many more ways of winning and it is a more fun way to introduce yourself to the game. It also increases the entertainment when you play, so if you are someone who just likes their enjoyment from relaxing and getting a little entertainment then this game would really suit you and will show you a great experience at your visit to an Amatic Casino.

The Quality Of Multiwin Triple

Multi Win Triple has a great style to it, you will find that many games that have been brought to us from Amatic Industries have a certain something to them. I think the more obvious fact is that the Amatic games all have quite a classic look, you will see that many software providers today have really changed the game by putting lots more graphics in the game, with the Amatic games like Multi Win Triple you are going more old school. So if you were one who loved the fruit machines that you would find down your local pub then these will be of interest to you, sometimes it is a little more fun to get away from all o the modern technology that we have today and step back into the classics. Th are really fun to play and they just bring back that great feeling, Multi Win has the classic look but is not boring you will still get to enjoy some great graphics and have a really fun time watching the cards being dealt. You will find that the workings of the game are pretty easy to figure out, everything has been made simple so that you can load it up and get straight to what you love doing best.

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