30 Nov

Jacks Or Better Slot Game

Jacks Or Better

Jacks Or BetterJacks Or Better is a pretty self explanatory game you will find it at many of the Amatic Casinos and you are sure to have a great time when you play. It is a fun version of poker where you will get a winning hand if you have Jacks Or Better. The game can be pretty exciting and s one of the versions of video poker that is pretty simple to understand and you will get an enjoyable time from it. So you will find that the winning hands are basically the same as you would usually find in your regular game of video poker, you will start with Jacks or Better, then you will work your way up with two pairs, three of a kind, straight and so on until the highest paying hand which will be a royal flush. So if you are a regular player at the poker tables you will already know the basics of how this game will play out, you can adjust your bet at any time during the game and the higher you choose to play the more you will win as in every game that you play at an online casino. Read More

30 Nov

Fruit Poker Video Poker

Fruit Poker

Fruit PokerFruit Poker is one of your regular games of video poker with a few minor differences, you will find this game available with many others at your Amatic Casino. The differences are is in the way that the game is played but in the basic outlook of the game and the style of the cards that you are playing with. In a regular game of Fruit Poker your aim is to get a winning hand, and in good circumstances you will get the best winning hand equalling the biggest win i the game. We will all aim for the biggest win, while there are the few that come online for the enjoyment i think it is safe to say that most of us come to an online casino for the thrills of the big wins, this is what you can find in the game of Fruit Poker. Poker is a game that is played in almost every country, the best part about playing the game online is that you will find many more varieties that are easier to handle such as Jacks Or Better and Multiwin. These types of poker games that we see are a lot different, while the big wins can still be caught you will find that they are a lot less intense than you would find in your online poker room. There is no need for bluffing it s just you playing the video poker so you are playing yourself and just hoping for the win. So when it comes to playing the Fruit Poker game you will find that it is pretty simple, you are looking for your winning hand. The game is played with a shuffled deck of 139 cards, Read More

30 Nov

Wild Diamonds Slot Game

Wild Diamonds

Wild DiamondsIf its fast paced fun and excitement that you are looking for in an online slot game at an Amatic casino, then Wild Diamonds is the game that is going to give you this. This is a game that will bring you all the excitement and big wins that you would expect from a slot game. There are no bonus rounds to slow your game play down, just thrilling non stop entertainment whilst the reels are in play. Wild diamond is played over five reels and it gives you ten pay lines. so this game is giving you plenty of chances to find yourself with a win . With Wild Diamonds you need to find yourself with three or more symbols of the same kind, next to each other on a pay line to find yourself with a win. This really isn’t as difficult to achieve as you might think, especially with the diamond symbol substituting itself for any symbol in the game ,this really is highly achievable. You are presented on the screen with a number of buttons these are your play buttons, these all have different functions which I will explain what each one does. Firstly at the bottom of your screen from left to right you will see the auto start, this is used if you would like the game to continue play for you as long as you are in credits, just press this button again to change it back to manual play when your ready. Next along is the exit button this is self explanatory, press this to leave the game. Read More

28 Nov

Lovely Lady Slots Game

Lovely Lady

Lovely LadyThis Amatic Industries online slot game is full of exciting features and bonuses that will really give you edge of your seat game play. This colorful game will give you endless hours of fun and thrills, whilst giving you that chance to make your fortune whilst having an enjoyable gaming experience at the same time. This is why , so plenty of chances to win fantastic money with this game. If you are looking for an online Amatic video slot game with great graphics, plenty of opportunities for amazing wins and gives plenty of excitement, then Lovely Lady is a game you really have to play on. This games layout is very simple so this makes the game easy to understand and you can very clearly see what you are betting and how many pay lines you have in play. And there is an information feature that will give you the information on what symbols will give you a win and for how much. This game gives you plenty of variety in winning symbols these are really colorful and cover the spectrum of lucky symbols including horse shoes, lucky ladybirds and of course the all-important Lovely Lady herself. Read More

28 Nov

Hot Diamonds Slot Game

Hot Diamonds

Hot DiamondsHot Diamonds is one of those great slot games that you can sit and play for hours. Brought to you by the software developer Amatic Industries this game is based on a five reel game with ten pay lines and you will be able to play this slot at almost every Amatic Casino you visit, giving you plenty of opportunities to win big money. Hot Diamonds is one of those games that is very easy to play and understand, there are no complicated win lines that you need to figure out, which means you can sit back relax and know from the minute the reels drop in , whether or not you have yourself a winning combination. The layout of this game is also straightforward, you are presented with a series of play buttons these being your start button which is self explanatory, you have your bet button, and this allows you to choose your stake which can be from as little as one pence per line, but also gives you the option to increase your stake during game play you will notice that when you play a slot at an Amatic Casino all of the layouts are basically the same giving you an easier game to understand, so if you are feeling like the reels are on your side and are feeling lucky then higher stakes makes for a higher winnings. Read More

28 Nov

GrandX – Grand X Slot Game

Grand X – GrandX

grandxGrand X is the very thrilling online slot game from Amatic Industries, when it comes to the bonus feature in this slot game you will find that it is a lot different to the other games that we have seen from the slots at Amatic Casinos. I think that the best part about this slot is the look of it, with style and a great theme Grand X will really give you that real casino experience from a slot game. So you will play this slot as you would any other game, you will be hoping to match symbols in an active bet line and this is what will pay you your win. As in all other games there will be certain symbols in the slot that will pay a lot higher than the others, the symbol that will do this in the Grand X slot game will be the Grand X wild symbol, so with 5 of these in an active win line you will find yourself getting a great payout from the stake that you have chosen. Read More

28 Nov

Cool Diamonds 2 Slot Game

Cool Diamonds 2

Cool Diamonds 2Cool Diamonds 2 is a very exciting slot game that you will find in Amatic Casinos, you will love everything that this game has to offer as it takes the basic look of a classic slot machine and gives it more of a modern twist so that it suits up to today’s players. We all know that the old fruit machines that you would find in the local pub are a long way from what we see today, so it is quite great that we are still using the basic layouts and symbols from those slots and putting them into what we like to use, this always makes it more interesting when you are playing at your Amatic Casino. Cool Diamonds 2 will show you an extremely fun and energetic time, you will be able to access a great bonus features when you play and that will give you even more to look forward to. So the game of Cool Diamonds 2 will pay out in the same way that we see the other Amatic slots do, you will try to match three or more of the same symbol in an active bet line, on doing so you will be paid an instant win of whatever that symbol offers. Read More

28 Nov

Book of Aztec Slot Game

Book of Aztec

Book Of AztecThe Book of Aztec slot game takes its inspiration from ancient Egypt, although this game does have a similar name to one of the other slot games that you will find at Amatic Casinos which is the Book Of Fortune you will find that when it comes ti the style and theme of the slots are very different. In the Book of Aztec game you will find that bonus features are available while you are playing, bonus features really do make a game and they are quite exciting to have around so when you get a slot like the Book Of Aztec you will be so much happier when you find out tat bonus features will be available to you. The Book of Aztec is actually a pretty exciting game, this is not only because of the bonus features that you will find but it is also because of the look of the game this does create a more exciting atmosphere when you play so you will enjoy what the game has to offer a lot more. You can play this slot from a small amount of only 10p a spin, this is great for those who enjoy just the pure entertainment of a game or for those who enjoy playing from a smaller bet and you will find when playing at an Amatic Casino that these are always available, Read More

28 Nov

Royal Unicorn Slot Game

Royal Unicorn

Royal UnicornPlay the stunning slot game from Amatic Industries that is Royal Unicorn, this game is complete with many adorable symbols that will show you quit a calming game that still holds plenty of excitement. You will find that there are bonus features available when you are playing and there is a variety of stakes that are available to choose from. When you play the Royal Unicorn slot game you will see that the wild symbol will pay at the highest amount when you get a 5 of a kind win with them. Royal Unicorn is a 5 reel slot that has 20 bet lines, this will lead you on your way to getting some pretty great wins. Although you can never really expect to win when you load up an online slot it is more the thought of it that is the most thrilling, bit of course that doesn’t mean that you wont win as a lot of players have been known to win life changing amounts from slot games it just means that when you do play the slot game there is of course the chance that you wont win. Read More

28 Nov

Dragons Pearl Slot Game

Dragons Pearl

Dragons PearlDragons Pearl is a fantastic online video slot from Amatic Industries, when you play you will find that there are many features available that will get you excited and show you a very enjoyable game. As you may have guessed this slot game will centre itself around the Dragons Pearl, this symbol will take you into that very exciting free spin bonus feature. When you play the Dragons Pearl online slot you will find that while the look of the game is quite unique the workings of the slot and some of the bonus features will play out the same way that we see in other online games. With an Asian style you will love all of the graphics and sound that are provided, with the same inspiration that we see in Lucky Coin but with a completely different look to it. Read More