25 Oct

Bomba Games

Bomba Games

Bomba games  is offering complete turnkey solution for gaming halls, arcades and casinos. Our field proven software platform includes all that is needed to start your operation in single day: gaming machines, automated roulette, progressive jackpot system, multiplayer virtual game server, software distribution server, casino management system and back office support software.
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28 Apr

Starburst – Netent


Let yourself be mesmerised by the sparkling jewels of Starburst™. With 5-reels, 3-rows, Win Both Ways and the expanding Starburst™ Wild, you are bound to be dazzled!

Starburst™ mixes vibrant colours in an arcade atmosphere. For players that enjoy high paced energizing slots, Starburst™ offers many fun features that make game play an experience not to forget. The traditional Wilds are replaced with an innovative new Starburst™ Wild, expanding over the entire reel and remaining in place for up to 3 re-spins, at no extra cost to the player. The possibilities for huge wins with Starburst™ Wilds are astronomical! Read More

30 Nov

Roulette Table Game


Roulette Roulette is one of the biggest table games that is played around the world and has become very popular at Amatic Casinos because of the excitement it brings. Roulette is a game of chance, thrills and pure adrenalin. The game is based around a spinning wheel on this you will see numbers from 0 to 36, these numbers are what will create your win. Roulette is a very easy game to win and by placing the right bet a very easy game to win quite large amounts. So your Roulette Royal table is quite easy to read, you will have your betting area with the numbers from 0 to 36 laid out then you will see around these numbers your outside bets so these are pretty simple also, you can place a bet on red or black, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sections or you can place a bet on odd or even. Having all of these bets available on the table can be quite exciting for a player, you will find that some people will have their lucky numbers or some will play a random spin and hope for the best, the great part is you never know what is going to come out and it creates a very intense game and this is what makes it so popular among players at online casinos. Read More

30 Nov

Blackjack Table Games


Blackjack Blackjack is a very well known table game, you will find that it is played in many countries across the world and you will see the extremely popular game in any land based or online casino that you visit, and this will include the brilliant Amatic Casinos. The game of Blackjack is very simple to play, the rules are pretty basic and you will find that the table game is quite popular because of the fact that the player has the advantage against the dealer. This game of Blackjack is brought to you by Amatic industries and you will find that it has great detail and will show you a very good game when you come online. The way that the game of Blackjack works is very easy, in an online version you play just you and the dealer, which is quite different to a land based casino or a live game where there can be up to 7 players at the table with you. You will have your first card dealt face up, then the dealer will also have a card dealt face up so you can see what they hold. You will then be dealt your second card, the value of the cards will be added up to give you a total number, this is when you will make a decision of whether to stand, hit or double if you have a value of 9 or higher. If the dealer has been dealt an ace you will be given the option of insurance, this means that if the dealer does get Blackjack you will get a portion of your bet back so you do not feel like you have completely lost. Read More

30 Nov

Multiwin Triple Video Poker

Multiwin Triple

Multiwin TripleMultiwin Triple is the sequel to the first video poker game Multi Win and these games have become very popular among the players that visit the Amatic Casinos, you will get more chances to get those craved wins and have a really great time while doing so. There is a reason that poker games are so popular among online casino players, and this is the fact that they can pay out very wealthy amounts of money. This is definitely available in the Multiwin Triple poker game, now as in all games having a higher stake will give you much higher wins but even with a small stake in the Multiwin Triple game could see you getting a pretty decent win if that perfect hand comes in. So the difference between this poker game and the Multiwin poker is that instead of only having one joker card in the deck you will have four, this will increase your chances of getting bigger wins. And as we know with the name Multiwin Triple there are plenty of ways to win when you are playing, the next difference is also in the name. In a game of Multi Win you will have 2 deals, so after having your first hand dealt you will hold the cards you would like and then you would deal again which is your final hand. In the game of Multi Win Triple you will have three hands dealt to you, so once your first 5 cards have been dealt you will hold the cards that you wish too and then you will deal again, here you will be given a second chance to either hold more cards or Read More

30 Nov

Multi Win Video Poker

Multi Win

Multi WinMulti Win is an online video poker game brought to you by Amatic Industries, this is a straight through poker game that has a few twists in store for you the game has proved to be one of the most popular card games at Amatic Casinos. Video poker is quite an interesting game to play, if you are just starting out in the poker world it is a great way for you to start learning the moves and how it pays, and if you are a regular at the poker tables whether you play online or in a real casino it is a more relaxed way of playing, so you can put the stress of the tables behind you and play something that is a little more enjoyable and does not require too much skill. This is what is most enjoyable about the video poker games such as Multi Win, you have a great game that is very relaxing, and you can just enjoy the game rather than worrying about poker face, and about other players sitting at the table with you. You are just playing with the software and you really can have a fun time while doing so, these games are quite fast paced so if you are on a winning streak you will see that your account balance will rise pretty quickly. So Multi Win is pretty straight forward, if you have already played a game of video poker such as Jacks or Better or Joker Card then you will already be familiar with the workings of the game. Read More

30 Nov

Joker Card Video Poker

Joker Card

Joker CardJoker Card is one of Amatic Industries video poker games, now the difference with this game is that you will find a Joker Card mixed in the deck. Yes the name makes it pretty obvious on what the game is about, so you will really be playing a regular game of video poker but you will have that extra card in there for your advantage. Having a Joker Card is a great way to play as it can help you to create and increase winning hands. You will play with the same rules that you would usually find in video poker, the game will begin with you being dealt 5 cards face up, you will select what you would like your bet amount to be. You can view the pay table at any time as it is always on your screen, so each time that you adjust your bet the pay table will change and you will be able to see which hand will pay what. It is all pretty simple and has a completely different outlook than you would see when you play at a poker table online or in a casino. Poker is a huge game and has to be one of the most popular card games in the world, this is why it is great that you have poker tables and video poker available when playing at an Amatic Casino Read More

30 Nov

Jacks Or Better Slot Game

Jacks Or Better

Jacks Or BetterJacks Or Better is a pretty self explanatory game you will find it at many of the Amatic Casinos and you are sure to have a great time when you play. It is a fun version of poker where you will get a winning hand if you have Jacks Or Better. The game can be pretty exciting and s one of the versions of video poker that is pretty simple to understand and you will get an enjoyable time from it. So you will find that the winning hands are basically the same as you would usually find in your regular game of video poker, you will start with Jacks or Better, then you will work your way up with two pairs, three of a kind, straight and so on until the highest paying hand which will be a royal flush. So if you are a regular player at the poker tables you will already know the basics of how this game will play out, you can adjust your bet at any time during the game and the higher you choose to play the more you will win as in every game that you play at an online casino. Read More

30 Nov

Fruit Poker Video Poker

Fruit Poker

Fruit PokerFruit Poker is one of your regular games of video poker with a few minor differences, you will find this game available with many others at your Amatic Casino. The differences are is in the way that the game is played but in the basic outlook of the game and the style of the cards that you are playing with. In a regular game of Fruit Poker your aim is to get a winning hand, and in good circumstances you will get the best winning hand equalling the biggest win i the game. We will all aim for the biggest win, while there are the few that come online for the enjoyment i think it is safe to say that most of us come to an online casino for the thrills of the big wins, this is what you can find in the game of Fruit Poker. Poker is a game that is played in almost every country, the best part about playing the game online is that you will find many more varieties that are easier to handle such as Jacks Or Better and Multiwin. These types of poker games that we see are a lot different, while the big wins can still be caught you will find that they are a lot less intense than you would find in your online poker room. There is no need for bluffing it s just you playing the video poker so you are playing yourself and just hoping for the win. So when it comes to playing the Fruit Poker game you will find that it is pretty simple, you are looking for your winning hand. The game is played with a shuffled deck of 139 cards, Read More