30 Nov

Roulette Table Game


Roulette Roulette is one of the biggest table games that is played around the world and has become very popular at Amatic Casinos because of the excitement it brings. Roulette is a game of chance, thrills and pure adrenalin. The game is based around a spinning wheel on this you will see numbers from 0 to 36, these numbers are what will create your win. Roulette is a very easy game to win and by placing the right bet a very easy game to win quite large amounts. So your Roulette Royal table is quite easy to read, you will have your betting area with the numbers from 0 to 36 laid out then you will see around these numbers your outside bets so these are pretty simple also, you can place a bet on red or black, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sections or you can place a bet on odd or even. Having all of these bets available on the table can be quite exciting for a player, you will find that some people will have their lucky numbers or some will play a random spin and hope for the best, the great part is you never know what is going to come out and it creates a very intense game and this is what makes it so popular among players at online casinos. Read More

30 Nov

Blackjack Table Games


Blackjack Blackjack is a very well known table game, you will find that it is played in many countries across the world and you will see the extremely popular game in any land based or online casino that you visit, and this will include the brilliant Amatic Casinos. The game of Blackjack is very simple to play, the rules are pretty basic and you will find that the table game is quite popular because of the fact that the player has the advantage against the dealer. This game of Blackjack is brought to you by Amatic industries and you will find that it has great detail and will show you a very good game when you come online. The way that the game of Blackjack works is very easy, in an online version you play just you and the dealer, which is quite different to a land based casino or a live game where there can be up to 7 players at the table with you. You will have your first card dealt face up, then the dealer will also have a card dealt face up so you can see what they hold. You will then be dealt your second card, the value of the cards will be added up to give you a total number, this is when you will make a decision of whether to stand, hit or double if you have a value of 9 or higher. If the dealer has been dealt an ace you will be given the option of insurance, this means that if the dealer does get Blackjack you will get a portion of your bet back so you do not feel like you have completely lost. Read More