28 Nov

Wild Stars Slot Game

Wild Stars

wild starsThis online slot game that can be found at many Amatic Casinos will give you all the thrills and excitement that you would want to find whilst playing online. Wild Stars is a very popular online slot with players that enjoy the great gaming software designed by Amatic Industries. Wild stars is a game that will keep you engrossed and entertained for hours. It is full of vibrant symbols and gives you the player a smooth gameplay that is quick and stimulating. Wild Stars is a slot game that is played over five reels, and this game will give you ten winning pay lines. all wins in this game must run from left to right ,it is not possible to attain a win from right to left. In order to achieve a win in this game you must find yourself with matching symbols after a spin, falling together on a pay line. with there being ten pay lines in play there are a number of sequences that these symbols can pay out on, as long as the symbols fall adjoining each other. Some amazing wins can be produced on these pay lines, although the bigger your stake the bigger the win that you can achieve will be. this game can keep you on the edge of your seat because if the Wild Stars roll across the reels this can give you a amazing win, so if you enjoy playing your games at a fast pace Wild Stars is the online slot for you. But Amatic Industries have plenty of online slot games that if you enjoy playing Wild Stars ,then you will certainly get the same thrills and excitement from Amatics slot games Wild Re-spin and Hot Twenty. With Wild the screen has on view a series of play buttons , these allow the player to familiarize themselves with the way that the game is played. there is the obvious start button, to set the game in motion ,you also have the bet button which at your discretion can be changed to the amount you would like to wager per line. Now this gives you an option of between one pence per line to one pound per line, so a vast range of wagering choice. But always bear in mind that the higher you wager per line , the higher the payout on that line will be, not forgetting that there could be multiple paylines with a win in one spin. And at the top of the screen you are given an information button that will guide you through all the paylines how many of identical symbols are needed to gain a win, any bonus symbols, and this feature will even give you a diagram of how the paylines are laid out. Wild Stars will give you symbols that related to fruits ,the highest paying symbol out of the fruits is the melon, the lowest paying are the cherries but these can still bring you in some decent wins. In amongst the fruit symbols you will come across a symbol with a number seven figure on it , this is your highest paying symbol , get yourself five of these across the reels and you have yourself a big win. With Wild Stars it is this same named symbol that is going to get your anxiety levels racing ,because you have the chance to get yourself some really incredible wins with this symbol and it will make your experience at the Amatic Casino much more exciting.

Bonus Features

dentical symbols along a pay line and you happen to roll in a Wild Stars symbol along side them then the Wild Stars symbol will substitute itself to match those symbols to give you the equal to having four symbols. But these Wild Stars if they fall in any of the five reels in a vertical row of three, then this will give you a bonus spin and the great thing is this three wild will stick where they are during this free spin giving that added chance of a win. With Wild Stars after each spin you can choose to gamble the win , just press the gamble button and in order for you to double your win you must guess the colour of the card, that is face down in front of you ,red or black that is the gamble. Sometimes this can be a risk that is easy to take if the win is quite small, but find yourself with a big win and believe me it is not as easy to take the risk of the gamble not paying off. But this is all part of the great fun and excitement of this game. Always be aware that the really amazing wins of life changing money that can be won are based on your wager, so wager big win big.

The Quality of the Game

Wild Stars is so popular with Amatic Casino players because you can immediately see the quality of the game. Its graphics are clear, colourful and detailed. along with this you have the added sound quality of the game, the sound effects compliment the game, and bring excitement whilst you are achieving a win . All of the play buttons for the game are very clearly marked giving the player instant recognition of what each button is for. Amatic Industries always design their software to guarantee all its online players receive the ultimate in gaming. wild stars offers its players fast paced, entertaining and fun game, with its fantastic wild feature that is well known for giving players an extremely big win. there is nothing but a fantastic time to be had while playing Wild stars online slot. With every thing to offer all you need to do is play the game and if the reels are lucky for you, then you could be on of the lucky players that takes away an amazing amount of winnings from the Amatic Casino.

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